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How to Budget Your Online Store

Once you have established a solid business plan and a step by step guide on the implementation of each variable in front of you – ask yourself one more time if what you have laid out it going to be profitable enough to enter into in the first place.

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Improve Your Product Information

You can have the greatest product at the greatest price – all of which is pointless if you cannot provide your customer with what they want and need to know…

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Call To Action!

An online shop is still a shop! This means that it is more than just a lots of products grouped into various categories… It needs to encourage and explore all the benefits of buying at the click of a button.

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Define Your Unique Selling Point

Why should someone buy from you? What makes your offer just a bit more attractive than your competition? Tip number 2 reveals how you can easily help keep the sales coming through…

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The Edyn Collection

Here is our finalist number 2! Since the advent of time we have adorned ourselves with rare baubles for decoration and indulgence. What this amazing store has realised is that what matters most is how a woman feels within… Designer jewelry goes a long way to make her feel like a queen.

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How to Stay on Top of Fraud and Chargebacks

You no longer need a degree in forensic science or criminology to understand eCommerce and fraud. We have made it so much easier for you to make sure fraud is something you can easily stay on top of.

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9 Questions to Ask When Considering a Product for Online Sale

Is that mattress as comfortable as it looks? Does that perfume have just the right aroma? Which shade of lipstick is most attractive? Unless people already know the scent or the color, they’re unlikely to try it over the internet. This is just one of the issues facing merchants who would like to open an online store.

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The Grad Shack

‘The Grad Shack’ is the first finalist nominated for the ‘ShopDirect Shop of the Year’ making a start to a competition set to broaden the horizons of better online shops and hosting in South Africa.  The Grad Shack is an online facility whereby students can now buy and re-sell their used textbooks and study guides. [...]

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‘ShopDirect Shop of the Year’ Launched

Style. Functionality. Shopping Features. X-factor. That’s what the ShopDirect team will be looking for as the ‘The ShopDirect Shop Of The Year’ competition begins this Spring! No matter the size or type of the shop, all ShopDirect shopfronts are eligible for this title. Each week, from the 600 plus shopfronts hosted by ShopDirect, a finalist [...]

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Increase eCommerce Sales through the Impulse Element

eCommerce can a complicated affair! Well no more! We’re going to tell you all the sectrets to help you sell with ease! Here is TIP number 1!!!

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