Increase eCommerce Sales through the Impulse Element

An eCommerce shop is much like any other shop in many ways! The number of people discovering online shopping increases year after year and if a web based shop is going to survive the rising competition, it would need to secure great sales. So here’s our first great tip!

TIP 1: Encourage impulse buys through cross-sells, up-sells, specials and limited time offers!

Most shoppers will employ their impulses when making a choice about a product. The fast food industry thrives on this selling method by offering related products and versions of a product along with many themed or period special offers. By offering more online through fewer clicks, a merchant can easily enhance a shoppers browsing experience and increase the chance of making a sale.

  • The Up-sell. Make sure the way you merchandise your shopping cart suggests related products for sale. A person buying a camera may need to buy a carry bag or larger memory card. These items need to be shown to them without clicking.
  • The Cross-sell. Customers love to have many options. A Cross-sell refers to showcasing different items of a higher value to give a customer these options and maximize your selling potential.
  • Specials. Do your calculations and offer a special that will still be beneficial to you and customers. Make use of themes, seasons or public events (depending on your product) to create a relevant special that will add real value to a consumer’s purchase. Creating packages is a great way to offer value for money.
  • Limited Time Offers. By applying a time limit to a certain deal, special or product availability, you pressurize a fence sitter buyer to make a purchase.

Use discretion to decide how much impulse marketing you make use of on your eCommerce shopfront as you don’t want to cheapen your brand or create consumer frustration. In the fast paced world of online shopping, there are no excuses for not cashing in on the impulse of your buyers!

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