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gradshack-logo‘The Grad Shack’ is the first finalist nominated for the ‘ShopDirect Shop of the Year’ making a start to a competition set to broaden the horizons of better online shops and hosting in South Africa.  The Grad Shack is an online facility whereby students can now buy and re-sell their used textbooks and study guides.

Breaking New Ground

Up until now, students have had to buy long lists of expensive prescribed textbooks that they mostly only use for the duration of their course.  After that, the books lie unused.   As printing costs escalate, textbooks become more and more costly and students have to find the means to finance these adding further strain to already limited budgets.

Grad Shack has realized that students fall into a highly pressured and over burdened niche book market.  With this unique online shopfront, they can recoup some of their investment by selling their used books online. In addition they can buy their next year’s books online, saving time and money.  We are confident that this e-solution is going to prove to be a fantastic solution to their problem.”

Saving Time and Money

Students can save up to 60% on the price of new books. Whilst some systems do exist for the trade of used books, they fail to offer protection to both buyer and seller and are generally inefficient. The Grad Shack resolves this by administrating the flow of finance between the two parties through an easy-to-use online system that the ShopDirect team has created.  Over a period of five years we have developed some 500 shops and the software used, sits at the very forefront of eCommerce  development.

But more than just enjoying huge savings on the purchase of textbooks, ShopDirect has created a system that is simple to use, offers protection from fraudulent or dishonest transactions and allows for the timeous settlement of funds into the seller’s account.

The Grad Shack concept uses state-of-the-art eCommerce systems to facilitate trade and, most importantly, is environmentally friendly. By purchasing used textbooks, students are assisting in minimizing deforestation and reducing carbon emissions brought about by the printing process that ultimately lowers the carbon footprint.

In addition, it promotes sustainable financial disciplines based on saving time, effort and, of course, money. Once the initial purchase is made, books can be resold at a minimal loss at the end of the year and those funds used to purchase books for the upcoming year. This eases the burden on the students’ finances allowing them to worry less about the exorbitant cost of being a student and focus more on what is important – their studies.

Unique Selling Point Maximised

It is inevitable that textbook prices will continue to climb as the e-book market becomes more accessible and increasingly popular.  Book retailers will be forced to fight to stay alive amongst spiraling operating costs and reduced profit margins. As students are already technologically savvy and familiar with buying and selling online, buying textbooks online is a no-brainer.  Clearly the time saving aspect is a bonus.

The days of standing in long queues and going from one bookseller to another in search of a sold-out title are gone.  All this can be done by the click of a mouse and not many other’s are doing this kind of eCommerce – so it’s ‘books open’ to the Gradshack! Visit to discover how!


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