The Edyn Collection

The Edyn Collection is far more than just a compilation of fabulous women’s jewelry. Merchandised for simplicity with a gracious collection of unique designer items, this powerful shopfront presents a wonderful shopping experience with offers that make it truly one of a kind. Finding jewelry to buy online is easy to do. Finding high quality and unique fashion jewelry for women at a good price is not! This is why the Edyn Collection is the diamond among the pearls.

Ladies Choice

Without trying too hard, Edyn has found a place to call its own by catering to a specific market of women and being reasonable enough to engage the gifting market. The shopfront does not try to sell a million products with many differing variations. Rather, it focuses on products within a limited price and style range – proof that having a good understanding of your market is crucial in eCommerce!

The Edyn Collection also scours the fashion capitals as well as more obscure geography for fashionable, stylish and unique costume designer jewelry. Budding jewelry designers are invited to create collections for Edyn making it a platform for the exposing of new talent to a discerning and receptive market. The experience and confidence inspired from this wonderful approach makes Edyn so much more than just an online shop.

Best of the Best

Each Edyn item captures the true spirit of world class design and uniqueness to ensure exclusivity. With their own design studio which also specializes in custom design jewelry and colours – clients can customize pieces to their requirements. With collections in wedding and fashion jewelry, the Edyn Collection is able to cater to a wide variety of tastes and styles.

The Edyn Collection aims to be the go-to website for fashionable women looking for designer jewelry which is exclusive and stylish.

Most of all, this shopfront has secured a sturdy online presence and is a leader in the local search engines when searching for items from costume jewelry necklaces to complete wedding jewelry sets.  With sites like this trading in a competitive online market, there can be no doubting that eCommerce is only going to grow exponentially in South Africa.

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  1. Igshaan 13. Sep, 2010 at 9:19 am #

    Hi guys, you may want to double check the links before you send out your blog post. The impact of incorrect links are diminishing credibility for both you and the website featured. And, what would have been a wonderful opportunity to introduce the featured website to your client base with the prospect of increased sales, has turned into “why are these guys featuring companies that don’t exist”.

    • Ross Allchorn 13. Sep, 2010 at 9:28 am #

      Hi Igshaan, thanks for noticing. We have amended the link.

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