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call to action logosMany sites have great offers and put a lot of efforts into fancy designs and the latest eCommerce features, yet they fail to convert a sale. Since this is the objective of an online shop, each sales element  must be considered to ensure a high conversion.

Taking inspiration from some of the most effective sales campaigns in history, a ‘Call to Action’ has proven success in marketing online.

As a merchant one should never assume that the prospect knows what they should do next. Offering a clear start to finish process is crucial. A good eCommerce software system will embody this concept and offer an easy to use check out. Getting the prospect there is however something that you as a merchant need to take control of. This can be done through the use of powerful copy throughout your storefront.

There are many points to consider when creating copy that sells. One of the most important ones is to provide a clear instruction or invitation that will result in a customer following it in order to receive a clear benefit. This is known as the ‘call to action’.

The fastfood industry makes constant use of this strategy as it attempts to excite the impulse of the buyer. Television sales adverts also make constant use of a direct message urging the prospect to take action. The use of persuasive langue sends out the message that you are serious about online sales and that you are confident that your product is worth buying.

Without lowering the standard of your brand or making your site look like a garage sale, the careful placement of button and banners that encourage click-through can be the difference between average and excellent sales! A site making use of a ‘Call to Action‘ has far greater potential to get browsers to buy.

Successful Examples

Creating the right product combination and offering a good service that differentiates you from similar shops is the starting point to sourcing the right ‘Call to Action’. Here are a few popular ones:

  • Pick up the Phone and Call!
  • Buy Now!
  • Sign Up here!
  • Join the Forum!
  • Check Out Here!
  • Buy One get One FREE!
  • Buy Today and get FREE Delivery!
  • Limited Stock!

Optimize your shopfront by making use of a standard or creative ‘Call to Action’ that best suits your products and brand. Send out a strong and clear message to ensure that you step ahead of the high e-commerce competition.

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