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Product InformationA shopfront can look amazing with all sorts of fancy features, flash ads and great sales copy yet still fail to convert browsers into sales. Whilst many merchandisers focus on acquiring great product pictures, they fail to source and create good product information. The years of setting up eCommerce shopfronts has taught us that buyers make their decision whether to buy a product from your site or not depending on the information that you supply.

A clear and high-quality picture is not an option. As the customer makes their purchase from a remote location, they will want to know what the product looks like and ideally be able to gauge what size it is. The merchant has the important responsibility to maximize the selling potential of a displayed product and pictures are not the only important consideration.

A customer could email you to ask for details and specifications but this would lower your sale conversion as it destroys the impulse effect. Most browsers also do not have time to wait for your response. Having all the information at hand will make your buyers feel at ease that you have a good understanding of your product. It will also make them certain that they are buying something they really need.

By making all the correct information available, you open yourself up to more sales as you can present specifications and features that the potential buyer may not have been aware of. You aso put the customers mind at ease.

As you improve your shopfront management, here are two ways you can begin to improve your information:

1. Have a look at 5 competitors’ shopfronts. Have a look at the same or similar products that they have for sale and check out how they have merchandised them. Do not copy text word for word, but learn from what they have done that is both good and bad and maximize your selling areas to be even better.

2. Have someone that has never used your shop browse it in search of a specific product. Let them make notes on any questions and ambiguities. Try and rewrite the information so that all these issues are dealt with. If necessary add attachments of diagrams, sketches or video along with the product specification. Write clearly and make it simple. Some technical terms and products can confuse browsers.

If you have many products, it is better to use an industry standard classification system to categorize your products. This will make the shopping experience easy!

The goal of good merchandising is to have all the information related to the product available on the website, so that the customer can take a positive buying decision instantly.


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