Alphamaleshop Enhances Ecommerce Performance

Enhances Ecommerce performanceMany online shops sell the very same product and product types to the same market – yet some will flounder and some will succeed. Many dot-coms have failed within days of online operation with an even higher frequency of net newbie’s joining the shoppers’ ranks every day. AlphaMaleShop is an example of a shop that has found a firm place on the worldwide web, with a niche market and high repeat client base.

For the past 2 years, AlphaMaleShop has enjoyed a steady increase in sales and has expanded the number of products sold on the site. As South Africa’s biggest sexual health shop one would expect this shop to be run by an interactive team. Yet the shop is owned and managed by one person – a shining example of how DIY eCommerce software in action can work. Seeing the need to enhance sexual life and senses, the AlphaMaleShop has provided a product list that can changes the lives of men in need of sexual assistance.

Taking a closer look at how AlphaMaleShop is run provides key insights as to how to stay afloat with so many sites selling similar products all around you. So here are 3 quick lessons on how to ensure your only sales stay on the… rise!

1. Find a Niche Market

A new online shop will often try and stock a wide variety of products in the hope of making enough sales to cover costs. This is a sign of insecurity and often customers pick up on this. AlphaMaleShop only sells around 20 products, all focused and sorted in dedicated male sexual health needs. Each product has been carefully researched and the unique features are clearly displayed. Knowing your target audience will enable and empower you to offer the very best products addressing first their need and then their want.

The greatest challenge in setting up this shop was sourcing the correct products. 6 months was spent building relationships with suppliers and finding the right products at the right price. This research and preparation phase is often overlooked and many online shops fail to make an impact with browsers leaving within the first five to ten seconds. By knowing your product you will have a greater likelihood of knowing and appealing to your target market.

2. Be Cheaper than the Rest by offering Value

Negotiating rates, stocking up in bulk and finding cheaper sources are ways to keep your own prices down. Many merchants put a high mark up on each product and sell fewer items. By keeping your mark-up low, you can earn more by simply selling more. You will also develop a happy client base much faster.

Where it might be impossible to offer prices that are even a little cheaper – it may be wise to create packages of products or offer and extra reason to buy from you. This may be a special or supporting a good cause. AlphaMaleShop offers such competitive prices that it does not need to run promotions. It makes use of displaying regular retail prices for customers to compare.

3. Market Your Product Daily

Most merchants fail to even begin online marketing. Those who are serious about selling online and making an impact in the market will need to invest both time and money in online marketing. AlphaMale shop has explored and perfected Search Engine Optimization copywriting as well as worked with Google to make it a high ranking site with a strong online presence. AlphaMaleShop simply believes that each day something can be done to improve their hit rate. Acting on this has proven that it’s a must!

With more and more people joining the online shopping mall, theAlphaMaleShop is looking forward to continued sales into the future. Their greatest challenge in the face of increased competition will be to always offer the best prices on the market and maintain the high level of customer service they have become known for.  Check them out at

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