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So what is eCommerce all about?

eCommerce, or selling online, is the electronic trade of products or services. The rapid increase of Internet users world-wide has led to a boom in e-commerce with a broad range of opportunities having opened up for the small and big businesses alike over the last decade. The beauty of the Internet is that it does not discriminate; hence a small business or even a home business entrepreneur can effectively compete online with big corporate companies.

How Do Online Sales Work?

In principle, selling online is the same as selling offline. You market your products or services in order to find prospective buyers with prospects (or visitors to your eCommerce storefront) ideally converted into paying customers. Once you have secured customers, the goal is to establish a long-term trust based relationship with them so that you can reap the success of loyal customers who continue to buy from you time and time again while spreading the word of you good name.

Here are some of the main benefits for selling online: 

  • Unlimited Sales Potential from a Never Ending Pool of International Buyers
  • Direct Customer Relations
  • Permanently Open for Business – Sell while you sleep!
  • Give the Corporate Sharks a run for their money
  • Ultimate Convenience
  • Cheap and Fast

We are living in exciting times here in South Africa. While older and larger markets like the UK and US have reached saturation years ago, there are still untold and untapped niches just waiting to be snapped up here. But this is changing fast and the opportunities that exist today will more than likely be that much harder to compete for tomorrow, so if you’re thinking about selling online, stop thinking and start selling online today.