Shop of the Year

Style. Functionality. Shopping Features. X-factor. That’s what the ShopDirect team will be looking for as the ‘The ShopDirect Shop Of The Year’ competition begins this Spring! No matter the size or type of the shop, all ShopDirect shopfronts are eligible for this title.

Each week, from the 600 plus shopfronts hosted by ShopDirect, a finalist will be added to the list and featured on this blog. In September 2011 the winner will announced after careful review by the ShopDirect designers, developers, copywriter, salesteam and managers. The winner will receive one year free hosting and great exposure through ShopDirect.  

Each finalist will need to capture the true spirit of great eCommerce. From a good product and powerful design to effective merchandising and marketing, the various shopfronts that qualify will need to be on top of their game.

Keep a close watch for which shopfronts have been selected as finalists each week and be sure to check them out and give us your opinions!